BlckShp (Black • Sheep)

Born out of a relentless commitment to creative self-expression, BlckShp strives to create garments as unique and different as the people wearing them. Rather than use clothing as a means to show superiority, BlckShp creates clothes to highlight individuality.

No two humans are alike, as are our pieces and collections.  Made exclusively with reclaimed vintage materials, BlckShp breaths new life into these pieces, transforming them into a line of 1 of 1 couture garments. Each collection is completely different from the one which preceded it and are limited to only 30 pieces.

New Collections are released semi-quarterly 

The truth is in the numbers. Each one of our garments is embroidered with its own serial number (ex. MJ-1.1-07). Search your piece on our website to authenticate it and see a picture of your garment as well as when and where it was purchased.

Tops are created in limited quantities of 50 pieces each and then retired forever.

Flaunt Your Flaws. We ask our models to choose a word which reflects something unique to them that others have used to make them feel lesser than. Our lookbooks pay homage to those words, but by reclaiming their value and brandishing them with strength and confidence. Wear your imperfections with pride, they are what make you original, hide them and you become just another sheep.

All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles, California.